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homeAds is a directory of local businesses in the format of a brochure. In other words, your very own community advertising and “classified smalls” brochure.

Our advertising brochures (A5 size) are printed in black and white by a professional printer. It is printed on high quality paper, thus, having a higher retention rate. In addition, your copy can be viewed and downloaded from our website.

homeAds also offers a FREE service to the local community to place their unwanted goods as well as other notices. Kindly check our t’s & c’s. Free classified adverts can be placed online or by e-mail.


How To Place an ad

To add to our reach and spread our readership even wider, we have embarked on a web marketing strategy whereby your copy of homeAds can now be viewed and downloaded directly from our website.

Not only are we able to monitor our distributors via
feedback from the residents, but our distributors have
invested in a tracking system.



P. le Grange & Sons was first established in 1957 as a pamphlet and sample distributor. From modest beginnings, they have steadily developed both their distribution infrastructure and their expertise. 

Over the years, P. le Grange & Sons has grown into the largest direct distributor in the Western Cape, delivering up to a quarter million items per day.

With many years experience in the business and a dedicated workforce, you can be confident that P. le Grange & Sons is the correct choice.