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About homeAds
- since 1996

homeAds is an advertising brochure, which is distributed twice a month to the different areas as stated on the Distribution Page.

We operate from Plattekloof in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. Currently we are distributing 16 000 copies, FREE of charge, to each individual home per area. 

Since the first edition in June 1996, many businesses have had a positive response to their advertisements and are now using homeAds on a regular basis.  Our advertising rates are very competitive compared to community newspaper adverts and has become a preferred means of advertising for many of the local businesses that advertise with us.

To increase the appeal of the brochure, a percentage of space is allocated to “classified smalls”, where local residents may advertise unwanted goods or other once-off miscellaneous items FREE of charge.


We are reaching more people each day

To add to our reach and spread our readership even wider, we have embarked on a web marketing strategy whereby your copy of homeAds can now be viewed and downloaded directly from our website.

Furthermore, we are continuously looking to grow into other areas such as the southern suburbs to expand our reach even more.
This would benefit our advertisers in the future who may have many branches spread out around the Cape Peninsula.

Not only are we able to monitor our distributors via feedback from the residents, but our distributors have invested in a tracking system. This tracking system monitors the movement of the distribution team to ensure reliable distribution.


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